13 Best Tourist Attractions In Luxemburg

Luxembourg is a small European country nestled between France, Belgium, and Germany. It may be small in size, but it is rich with culture, history, and stunning landscapes. From beautiful castles to amazing nature reserves, Luxembourg offers plenty of attractions for both locals and tourists alike. Here are 13 incredible tourist attractions in Luxembourg that you won’t want to miss:

1. Vianden Castle – One of the most iconic sights in all of Luxembourg is the picturesque Vianden Castle perched atop a hill overlooking the quaint town below. This 11th century castle was built by Counts of Vianden who ruled over this region during the Middle Ages until it was destroyed by fire in 1794. Today it has been restored to its former glory and visitors can explore this majestic landmark up close.

2. Casemates du Bock – For a truly unique experience, visit the old casemates du Bock which are a series of underground tunnels built during the 18th century as part of the fortifications for Luxembourg City’s defense system. This maze of tunnels covers more than 20 miles and visitors can explore them on their own or take part in guided tours to learn more about the history behind these mysterious passages.

3. Echternach – The charming village of Echternach lies on the banks of Sauer River and is an idyllic spot to spend some time relaxing or exploring its cobbled streets lined with traditional half-timbered houses and flower boxes full of bright colors . Every year in May thousands flock here for the traditional dancing procession known as ‘Echternacher Springprozession’ .

4. National Museum of History & Art – Learn about Luxembourg’s fascinating past at this prestigious museum located inside a grand Neo-Baroque building that dates back to 1895 . Inside its many galleries visitors can find exhibits showcasing artifacts from prehistoric times right through to modern day , such as ancient pottery , coins , sculptures , paintings , and much more .

5. Ardennes Forest – Just south east of Luxembourg City lies one of Europe’s most stunning natural wonders, the Ardennes Forest . This lush landscape stretches across 3 countries ( Belgium , Luxembourg & France ) and provides hikers with endless miles trails through lush valleys dotted with charming villages . Outdoor enthusiast can also enjoy activities such as cycling , horseback riding , fishing & kayaking while taking in views across rolling meadows & peaceful lakes .

6. Grand Ducal Palace – The official residence for Luxembourgs Grand Duke Henri resides within this grand palace located in central Luxembourgs capital city . Its impressive Baroque architecture stands out from its surrounding buildings which makes it difficult to miss when strolling around Place d’Armee square where it resides today since 1708 when it was first constructed by French military architect Vauban . Visitors wishing to explore inside will need special permission however those willing to view from outside can do so freely without interruption .

7. Mudam Luxembourg – If art is more your thing then be sure to check out this incredible modern art museum located just outside Luxembourg City . This contemporary building designed by Chinese-American architect I M Pei houses an impressive collection of over 1000 pieces from the 20th century all the way up to present day . The museum also hosts regular exhibitions for visitors to enjoy and explore throughout the year .

8. Petrusse Casemates – Stretching almost three kilometres long , these casemates were first built in 1644 as part of Luxembourgs defence system against possible attackers but today they offer quite a different experience with breathtaking views across the old city including the valley below . Visitors can take a self guided tour throughout these tunnels with its many chambers to explore or take part in a guided tour which will provide more details about the fascinating history behind this landmark .

9. Vianden Castle – Explore the impressive ruins of one of Luxembourgs oldest monuments , Vianden castle , located in the heart of the picturesque village and perched on top of a rocky hill overlooking the Our Valley . This Gothic style castle was built by Counts of Vianden who ruled over this region during the Middle Ages until it was destroyed by fire in 1794 . Today it has been restored to its former glory and visitors can explore this majestic landmark up close .

10. Moselle Valley – Enjoy some breathtaking views while exploring along Luxembourg’s Moselle River with its calm waters and tranquil atmosphere . This valley offers visitors some of the most spectacular scenery in Luxembourg with vineyards , medieval castles , small villages and winding roads along both sides of the river .

11. Bock Casemates – These fortifications are located within the old walls of Luxembourg City and offer a unique insight into Luxembourgs turbulent times during World War II when Nazi forces occupied this region for many years . Visitors can explore these casemates through guided tours as well as a museum dedicated to this period in Luxembourgs history which contains various artifacts from that time .

12. Notre Dame Cathedral – Experience the beauty of one of Europe’s oldest cathedrals located in the heart of Luxembourg City . The Notre Dame cathedral has stood proudly on this spot since 1613 and still remains a popular destination for tourists to explore with its rich history spanning centuries . Visitors can take a guided tour throughout this Gothic style building and learn more about its many fascinating stories and artefacts from over the years .

13. Clemency Castle – For those who are looking to experience some of Luxembourgs most majestic castles , then be sure to check out Clemency castle which was constructed during the 17th century by Jean-Baptiste de Soudeige . This impressive structure stands proud today and offers visitors an insight into its turbulent past with guided tours through various chambers revealing artifacts which date back centuries ago .

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